Monday, May 9, 2011

Pakistaneering: Policy and Guidelines

To help create a world free from intolerance and violence, whereby people and nations live in harmony and every human being is able to develop and realize their potential to earn happiness--through lawful means--for self, family, and the world at large.

Core values
i. Every human being has the right to be respected and given the opportunity to realize one's potential through lawful means and without any bias or prejudice to their race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, opinion, and such factors which are related to one's identity. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights details all such rights.

ii. Every human being has the duty to respect fellow beings and their rights noted in (i) and not to harm--but to protect and foster--others' dignity, life, property, and such things which they may consider as valuable.

To provide an open forum to those who have the potential and the willingness to contribute their intellectual input for solving the key problems and issues that people of South Asia are facing. The forum will serve as a repository of knowledge created through objective and evidence-based debate regarding the issues of major concern and impact.

Together, we shall not merely identify and enumerate the problems but analyse and offer practical solutions.

The major issues of focus, though not limited to these, are:
1. Education and human development
2. Peace
3. Governance
4. Socio-economic well-being
5. Humanitarian crises

Guidelines for contributors
  1. Unsolicited contributions are welcome from anyone linked to South Asia, particularly Pakistan and India. Occasionally, we shall also solicit short contributions on specific issues to pool our views and perspectives.
  2. The contribution must be consistent with the mission, core values, and purpose of this forum.
  3. The content of contribution must be objective, analytical and relevant.
  4. The author(s) must supply the links/references to their assertions and claims within the article, if possible, and be able to provide reference to an authentic source if requested before or after publication. The rest is their opinion which must be logically consistent with the evidence provided.
  5. All contributions will be published as such in the name of the contributor(s). The blog organizer will not be responsible for the content of any contribution.
  6. All contributions will be published after checking prima facie appropriateness but without any editing on the part of the blog organizer.
  7. All the contributors must supply the document in Word format alongwith a verifiable identity and explicit request for publication of the material on the forum. It is assumed that contributor(s) are the owners of the material submitted and have the right to publish it. Therefore, all issues related to copyright etc. will be the sole responsibility of the contributor.
  8. No size limit is imposed. The only condition is that the whole piece must make a complete argument and leave the reader with some 'take-away'.
  9. The blog organizer reserves the right to reject or delay the publication of any contribution and unpublish a contribution from the forum without providing any reason.
  10. There is no condition of exclusivity. One can also submit the material that one has published elsewhere (including personal blog) provided that the original publisher has no objection. Similarly, the material published here can be submitted for publication elsewhere by the concerned author(s).

Please feel free to send you feedback and contributions at following e-mail address:
pakistaneering [usual-address-sign]

The publication of new articles at this forum and calls for contribution will also be announced via its twitter page, @Pakistaneering.

The blog has been created in good intent and purely for the objectives as stated here. Therefore, the blog organizer will not be responsible for any harm or loss--to any individual or entity--that might emanate from or can be associated with the blog in any way.